GIGABIT Ethernet, Fiber Optics, Wireless Routers, Remote Access, Distributed Computing, Virtual Private Network and Peer To Peer are just some of the terms every business must must deal with in today's information centric environment.

KCI can help you make sense of these terms and aide your company in harnessing the power of technology to transform your business goals into profits.

Computers - KCI can recommend and provide the appropriate Workstation Computers and Servers that will allow you to conduct your business and not worry about hardware failures and downtime which can waste money and alienat customers and clients.

Software - KCI can recommend, provide, install and service the appropriate network operating systems and application software appropriate for your needs.

Networking - KCI can evaluate your current and future network bandwidth needs and recommend and install the appropriate network hardware including cabling, routers, switches, wireless access devices and broadband service.

Security - Your business data and information are important company assets. To protect these valuable assets KCI will help you decide the hardware and processes necessary to ensure the integrity and security of your data and information. Through the use of Hardware and Software Firewalls, Intrusion Detection Software, Anti Virus Software and Disaster Recovery Plans KCI will aide you in keeping your data safe and your network running.